Herpetology and Science Communication

My favourite part about being the communications coordinator for @savethesnakes is being able to talk about an animal that has long been associated with fear and changing people’s perceptions about them! Snakes are pretty amazing if you think about🐍 1/8

By educating people in local communities and using #socialmedia to raise awareness around #snakes and humans, #savethesnakes is working to create more harmonious encounters with snakes and reduce #conflict 2/8

Within the past year as #scicomm has become more of a hot topic, I find myself increasingly getting involved in initiatives and organisations that use #conservationcommunication as a tool to showcase their work and I love it 3/8

Passion stems from individuals doing work they love and it is crucial for the importance and relevance of that work to be communicated, especially in a field like #herpetALLogy where #publicawareness has the potential to create a difference. 4/8

By utilising communication tools such as #art #photography #tech and #marketing, we can showcase #herps in a way that inspires young individuals to study them and engage with the public to better understand them. I enjoyed doing this artwork of a sungazer & photographing it 5/8

As someone that enjoys doing different types of conservation work, I find #scicommthe best way to talk about all my amazing experiences! When I interact with people and speak about #snakes they often think that I’m brave. I then explain its more about #education 6/8

Understanding the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes significantly changes peoples perspective of them. This allows the public to get rid of their unhealthy fear of snakes and appreciate them! 7/8

I have an idea to create a platform that promotes work in herpetology and market that in a way that appeals to communities, the public and the private industry. In doing so, I will be able to target each audience specifically. Who thinks this is a good idea? 8/8

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