Save The Snakes

Save The Snakes is dedicated exclusively to snake conservation and human-snake conflict mitigation. Their mission is to protect threatened snake populations around the world through habitat preservation, education and community outreach to create a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes.

As their Communications Coordinator, my role is to increase awareness about snake conservation through various platforms!

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Snakes play a vital role in our ecosystem and widespread fear of these reptiles has led to indiscriminate killings of snakes and declines in populations worldwide. Save The Snakes aims to work with communities, organisations and individuals to reduce conflict between humans and snakes and encourage people to appreciate them.

Snakes are critically important animals for our world. Snakes maintain balance in the food web and keep ecosystems healthy. They provide humans an ecological service by controlling pest populations. Snakes are truly interesting and amazing animals, which are celebrated or worshiped in cultures around the globe.

To execute our snake conservation initiatives, Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners work together to conduct the following objectives:

Objective 1 – Capacity building of local communities

We accomplish this action by organizing awareness workshops and community outreach programs in identified communities that have an existing conflict with snakes. These programs teach community members of the ecological importance of snakes, identification of venomous vs non-venomous snake species, precautionary measures to avoid snakebites, and first aid and treatment in the event of a snakebite. We create sustainable solutions for communities to live in harmony with snakes.

Objective 2 – Mitigation of human-snake conflict

Coupled with education and awareness programs, we implement site-specific mitigation measures which could minimize negative interactions with snakes. These include the following efforts: wearing proper footwear at night, using mosquito nets while sleeping, carrying a light while walking at night to avoid stepping on snakes, and promoting simple changes in land use management, such as removal of bushes and garbage that might provide shelter to snakes.

Objective 3 – Community-based conservation of snakes

We train identified local individuals in rescue and rehabilitation of snakes and snakebite first aid techniques. These “para-ecologists” will also act as liaisons between local communities and wildlife authorities through regular communication on incidence of snakebites. These individuals are also able assist in field surveys to assess species distribution and contribute to snake conservation efforts.

Objective 4 – Foster support for snake conservation

Using print/electronic media and social media platforms, we publicize these efforts to convey the conservation message to the public at large on the importance of snake conservation and habitat preservation.

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