Top ethical birding tours 2018: 45 reasons to travel for good this year

From Bhutan to Brazil, discover 45 birding tours that support conservation, local communities and education, from Terra Incognita – a new social enterprise focused on promoting ethical ecotourism. With worldwide tourism growth surpassing predictions, businesses and travellers can help make it a positive force for people and planet. The number of international overnight visitors hit an estimated 1,322 […]

World Snake Day!

Happy World Snake Day! Today is a day to raise awareness about snakes and their crucial role in the ecosystem! Snakes are beautiful creatures and they are absolutely remarkable in terms of morphology, behaviour and evolution! I have always been fascinated by snakes and I feel privileged that I can work with them, learn more […]

Creating connections for conservation, Scott Trageser tells us how it’s done!

Scott Trageser is the Director and Co-founder of the Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA) and is a member of the Board of Directors for The Biodiversity Group. Having grown up in the United States but now living an itinerant lifestyle, Scott now calls the world his home. As a conservation biologist and photographer behind NatureStills, he is dedicated to preserving […]

What does it take to Save South Africa’s amphibians? An insight from Jeanne Tarrant, Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)

South Africa is home to an abundance of frogs and toads (~130 species) and Dr Jeanne Tarrant is taking a lead to be the saviour for these ‘little’ guys. As the manager of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Programme (TAP), she and her team aim to address a growing need for the involvement of the […]

Looking for toads in Peru

My work as a research assistant in the Peruvian cloud forest allowed me to experience herping (Looking for reptiles and amphibians) in a wet, forest location that I was previously unaccustomed to. When most people think of South America and the amazon, they immediately think of the extensive diversity of flora and fauna. Of course, […]